Conversation with Alvin Hill

December 6, 2017

In this, the fifth and final episode of season one of act/re/act, I have a conversation with multi-media artist and DJ, Alvin Hill . In this conversation we discuss how Alvin began DJing in the 80s, how he prepares for a gig, the relationship he tries to develop with a crowd, DJing as an improvisation art, and his multi-media performance group, Alvin Hill Media Ensemble.

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Alvin's Bio:

Alvin Hill is a technology based artist whose work takes the form of performances and installations and often combines sound, still image, video, projection, light, physical computing, and DJ arts.


Conversation with Ferne Bronson

November 8, 2017

In this, the forth episode of act/re/act, I have a conversation with Founder and Artistic Director of Ko-Thi Dance Company, Ferne Bronson. In this conversation we discuss West African dance, improvisation, how Ferne finds the dance in the transitions between the steps, and some wonderful clay pots she found while traveling in Africa. It all adds up to an amazing conversation - I'm sure you will find this converstion with Ferne as insightful and delightful as I as did! 

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Ferne's Bio: Caulker is the founder and Artistic/Executive Director of the Ko-Thi Dance Company, Wisconsin’s oldest African American arts organization. Ko-Thi, founded in 1969, is dedicated to the preservation and expression of the performing arts from the African Continent, Caribbean and United States. She taught at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee since 1971, where she was a Full Professor in the Peck School of the Arts – Dance Department until she retired as Professor Emerita in 2016. Her research is focused on links between traditional African danced and musical forms throughout the African Diaspora. She is particularly interested in the relationship between arts training and exposure, increased self- esteem and social behavior. She is a Fulbright Scholar. Her Fulbright award allowed her to study and travel in Tanzania, East Africa for 3 months. Caulker has served on many panels including the NEA and WAB. She served on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Arts Board for one 3-year term.

Conversation with Mark Chalfant

October 25, 2017

In this, the third episode of act/re/act, I have a conversation with Artistic Director of Washington Improv Theater Mark Chalfant. We discuss a multitude of elements of improv theater and WIT, as well as seek to find some common ground between theater improv and dance improv. I loved this conversation and I'm sure you will as well! 

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Mark's Bio: Mark Chalfant is the artistic & executive director of Washington Improv Theater (WIT), a mission-driven not-for-profit performing and teaching throughout DC and based at Source (14th & T, NW). Since helping to refound the company in 1998, Mark has spearheaded WIT’s robust growth into a teeming community of collaborative creativity and transformative impact for people throughout the DMV. WIT serves over 23,000 audience members and the company’s comprehensive longform improv classes enroll nearly 1,600 students each year. Mark is a founding cast-member of WIT company ensemble iMusical (now in its 11th year) and regularly directs, teaches, and facilitates workshops for WIT@Work, WIT’s organizational training arm. Twice honored with an Artist Fellowship Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Mark is a member of Leadership Greater Washington’s Class of 2017. Mark lives in Columbia Heights with his partner David Steib.

Conversation with Sharon Mansur

October 11, 2017

In this, the second episode of act/re/act, I have a conversation with long-time collaborator and friend Sharon Mansur. We discuss a range of subjects from why and when Sharon started exploring dance/movement improvisation as a performance form, to our collaborations, and her current projects. It was a wonderful conversation I'm sure you'll love!

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NOTE: This interview was recorded before Sharon's recent project, Dreaming Under A Cedar Tree, and my intention was to release it before or during that project. Unfortunately that did not happen - consequently we talk about the project in the future tense, when, in fact, it is not in the past. You can find more information about it, as well as a short video, at


Sharon's bio: 

Sharon Mansur is a Winona, MN based contemporary dance and visual artist, movement architect, experimentalist, educator, curator, mover and shaker. Originally from Boston, MA, Sharon’s creative practice and research integrates improvisational techniques, somatic (body/mind) practices, and interdisciplinary collaborative approaches. She has a keen interest in site responsive art, weaving the visual and visceral, body and space, internal and external landscapes. She is also committed to dance as a transformational and healing catalyst for individuals and communities. 

Her performance projects as well as dance films have been presented throughout the United States and abroad. During 2017 she's been awarded a Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council Established Artist grant, presented at the Inverse Performance Art Festival in Arkansas, and selected for a Springboard for the Arts- Hinge Arts Residency in Fergus Falls, MN. She has taught as a full-time dance faculty member at Winona State University and the University of Maryland-College Park, and recently as a guest dance artist at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Luther College. Sharon is also a therapeutic bodyworker at Infinity Chiropractic Wellness Center. 

act/re/act interview with Stephen Nachmanovitch

September 20, 2017

Joint host Daniel Burkholder for the primier episode of act/re/act, a podcast exploring improvisation through conversations with improvisationaly based artists. 

In this first episode, Daniel is joined by musician and author Stephen Nachmanovitch, who you may know through his excellent book, Free Play. Daniel & Stephen discuss improvisation, the role of contraints and experience, as well as how an improvisational artistic practice relates to one's everyday life. 

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